Fitness/Dance Classes, Private Training,
and Life Coaching

Cardio-Strength Workout

This high energy aerobic workout is designed to increase heart and lung endurance while also incorporating BodySculpting moves for strengthening the core muscles.

Bhangra/Bollywood Workout

In this new workout, Karen combines Bhangra folk dance steps (from Punjab, India) with Bollywood dance steps...creating joyous, high energy, and easy to follow movements in a terrific aerobic workout.


This intense workout fatigues core and major muscle groups of the body. BodySculpting reshapes the body, builds muscle strength, and protects joints from injury.

Turkish/Egyptian Percussion

Learn basic Arabic and Turkish drum rhythms, variations and embellishments. Students supply their own djembe, darabouka, tambourine or shaker instruments.  2/4, 4/4, 6/8, 10/8*12/8, 9/8 time signatures are studied.

For more info, please visit her dance website at:

Turkish/Egyptian Dance 1

Introduction to basic movements used in this ancient and powerful dance form with emphasis on balance and isolation of ribs, hips, shoulders, head.

Turkish/Egyptian Dance 2

Further study and practice in combining basic movements, hand/arm/shoulder work, finger cymbals, veil work, tenets of choreography.

Private Study with Karen

Provides the opportunity for the solo dancer to refine dance technique, discover his/her individual style in movement and costuming and emphasize, through choreography, personal strengths in the dance.

Body/Mind Connection

Karen shares her personal program for joint range of motion, centering with 6-way breathing technique, developing a mindful 'now' presence and handling the negative stresses in one's life.

Life Coaching

Spiritual, physical, emotional, nutritional, intellectual components of one's life are always in flux.  Challenges to our centeredness happen daily, if not minute by minute.  Learn how to choose between these positive and negative stresses.


Karen lifting weights on the beach in
Santa Barbara, California
Doing bicep curls for BodySculpting
Karen with dance students and dance troupe,
"Al Rakasaat" in Flagstaff, Arizona
Meditation and reflection are also key
components of overrall fitness and happiness!

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